Cuckmere Haven

This sup route starts off at the 

Exceat Bridge in 

Cuckmere Haven, Seaford, East Sussex. You can park up at the Cuckmere inn pub then cross the bridge and follow the footpath that runs alongside the river cuckmere. About 20 meters from the gate to the footpath there's steps or a concrete slab that you can launch from.

Once on the water follow the meanders down, it can be quite shallow on the edges of the river depending on the tide so bear this in mind and watch your fins!

As you follow the river down the seven sisters cliffs start to appear in the foreground, as you carry on you will reach a beautiful little beach overlooked by the cliffs from here you can head out to sea or turn around and make your way back up the river.

It is worth noting that the current is fairly strong as this is a tidal river so make sure you've got enough steam to make your way back as you may be going against the current.

This is one of our favorite spots to paddleboard in East Sussex.